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Food Security

The landscape of the Eastern Cape is dotted with colourful huts and rondavels, and every now and then you see a cluster of small villages or homesteads. The scenery of this province is breathtaking, with lush, green, soft hills interspersed with dramatic valleys; and the land here is fertile.


Ripples for Change, together with Gompo Farmers Association and Ihlosi Development Trust, supports farmers from rural communities with the provision of seedlings, soil supplements and training, encouraging people to grow vegetables for their own consumption or as subsistence farmers.

We strive to empower farmers with agri-technology, professional equipment and support, as well as through the introduction of new markets and production initiatives. 

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Our Partners



Gompo Farmer’s Association (GFA) was formally enacted in 2020 with the vision of becoming a dynamic, vibrant and efficient organization, supporting the empowerment of emerging farming communities and enabling them to manage and sustain their own development, subsequently making a significant contribution toward economic transformation while taking care of the environment and mitigating climate change.


Gompo rural community has a population of approximately 2 million people on an estimated 10,000 ha arable land, 30,000 ha grazing and 2,000 ha residential lands. Currently, GFA has 76 members in the following commodity groups: fishing, poultry, cannabis, livestock, dairy, maize, sorghum, pineapple, and a variety of vegetables. 



The Ihlosi Development Trust is a community development organisation with a special focus on assisting with resources for the underprivileged within our diverse communities. With access to both public and private sector opportunities in agricultural and business fields, and through strategic partnerships, Ihlosi works toward sustainable development and learning imperatives of the new normal in the 21st century.

Our partners
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