No one has ever become poor by giving    -Anne Frank-

At Ripples for Change, we believe in the power that children hold and know that it is our responsibility to be the driving force behind their development. 

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At Ripples for Change, we believe in partnerships and strive to build productive relationships to make a greater impact with all of our pursuits.


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At Ripples for Change we believe that strengthening civil society in rural communities is crucial for social and economic change.

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Ripples for Change at a Glance

At Ripples for Change, we are driven by a single goal, to see rural communities in South Africa thrive. Our programmes and activities are designed to be a catalyst that helps rural communities grow, and offer new opportunities for individuals. We know that each community has specific challenges and needs, therefore, we build relationships with local leadership and partners who help us channel information and resources to the communities we support.


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